A look at the variations on how to batch run tasks in parallel

Tasks grinding. Source: https://coffeeaffection.com/best-coffee-grinders/

I encountered the batch execution problem many times on many variations. Probably, you would’ve too. It is one of the most interesting problems to tackle on the technical spectrum rather than during interviews.

There are certain languages such as Java that make life easier while other languages make it a…

5 habits that help to become a better developer
17 years ago, I wrote my first Hello World program in C language. I was 15. It didn't make too much sense back then. Why would someone want to print a string into the screen with a complicated syntax that made no…

Why do geniuses figure things out so easily?

Amira, my 5 years old daughter.

During the first 2 years of my undergraduate studies, I worked as a math tutor. In one of the classes, I pulled a math trick to solve a problem. After I finished, I asked the students if there were any questions. One…

RESTful and RPC (among several other service inter-communication methods). I always found it fascinating how easy it is to use RPC. From the developer point of view, you always know the input, output and even what errors may pop-up without hunting any document. …

Hesham Yassin

Software engineer. works for General Motors. was employed by IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and CheckPoint.

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